About Us

  • Free Delivery
  • We come to you.
  • Refill Fast
  • Wait times less than 10 minutes
  • Personalized Care
  • When you call, you speak to a person.
  • Locally Owned
  • Serving the community for over 40 years.

Being in the business for years enabled us to understand your needs even better. This is the reason why the moment you come in contact with our pharmacist and pharmacy staff, you experience personalized customer care which many large chain pharmacies lack.

For high-quality prescription or over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies, pharmacy consultations, compounding services, and refill, find them all under one roof at Save N Care Pharmacy.

How We Started

Founded on the firm values of honesty, competence, and passion for excellent professional practice, Save N Care Pharmacy serves every individual and family in Hudson, Florida with the highest level of maximum pharmacy care. Your needs precede our existence. That is why as long as there is a need, we will be there to provide the right solution.

Save N Care Pharmacy is a privately run and independently operated community pharmacy located in an easy-access location at 13850 Little Road, Hudson FL 34667.


Our Objective and Commitment

Our dedicated aim is focused on achieving your personal goals for healthcare support. In the busy sway of days where threats offer high risk to your health along with a lifestyle that keeps you going idly with little regard to rest or slowing down, we offer you the spear-gear to protect your wellness.

It is our mission to deliver top-quality pharmacy services and products that are responsive to your needs and your way of life. Whether you are a busy executive with no spare time on a weekend for a trip to the drugstore or a single mom striving to survive the needs of your child while safeguarding your health, we can help. Our goal is to be your companion and provider anytime you need aid and sufficiency.

The Best Pharmacy Staff

In order to make these aims possible, we hire only the right professionals with the right ethics and attitude to lay down the foundation of your trust and serve you with genuine dedication. At Save N Care Pharmacy, you never have to worry about faulty medication disposal or dismissive treatment or delayed returns. Our staff becomes your personal pharmacy buddy the moment you enter our store door or you place an order over the phone.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Regardless of any race-related factors, age, sexuality and gender orientation, socio-economic status, and handicap, Save N Care Pharmacy does not discriminate any client or customer in the purchase, sale, employment or participation to any transaction with our pharmacy. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer and we uphold the highest level of respect for every client we serve.